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You might be currently operating the business with spreadsheets or smartsheets and your looking for some help to add automation to your workflow. You might have many software solutions that handle a majority of your operations but there are still spreadsheets in silos. You might even have an engineering team that says they can build your solution, but it just never happens because of other priorities.

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We have been down this road many times with our clients. We work with start-ups, small businesses, and Fortune 500 companies. The problems are the same, only the scale of the problems change. Without your team working in the same assets and direction, data becomes siloed, processes are missed, and chaos ensues.

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We conduct virtual and/or on-site meetings with you and other identified stakeholders to analyze current workflow(s), gather assets, and better understand the impact of your current inefficiencies. Our final step in the initial discovery phase is conducting a workflow process mapping session with all stakeholders.

the map


With Discovery completed we can build a blueprint to identify features and sub features for initial minimal viable solutions to your workflow problems. This allows clear deliverable milestones and development recomendations and pricing for you.

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