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Simple solutions for complex work processes

Most businesses start with a system and work process.  Processes will change over time through many lessons learned.  Software solutions seem to be available but you find yourself saying that the solutions just won’t work for your business because of XYZ [insert Compliance, Government, Structure, Money, Time, People, etc].  Then you or the boss might start thinking of maybe hiring or contracting with a software development team to build the solution you need.  You may or may not know a lot about building software.  But in your mind you may think it will be easier to just contract out to have an individual or company build your solution.

So you reach out to a few independent developers and a company or two.  You get prices starting as low as 10k and as high as 150k.  Obviously, you really are shocked about the difference in prices.  You had the same conversations about the solution you needed with each of the developers but received drastically different pricing and scope of your solution.

You decide low price developer is out and the most expensive developer is out.  It’s down to the middle of the road developers with the pricing.  Now you start doing more research, what are the developers going to build the solution with? Where will it be hosted? What are milestones? Where are the developers located? The list of questions and what if’s build and build.  Then that prebuilt software that you were looking at is looking better.  You think maybe you could  deal with the features that don’t fit your business work flow or operations.

MVP OPS lives in the middle ground between custom build software solution and pre-built software.  Using smartsheet and Webflow as our development platform we are able to carefully craft custom solutions that fit your business work processes. In order to build solutions we must understand your business and how you work.  Seriously, the how you work part is the most important!  During our initial meeting(s) we will work together to create a workflow mapping.  We can tackle one or many of your work processes.  The goal of our first meetings is to understand where to start.  Really learning where we can decrease inputs to produce the outputs required, to provide you with the outcome you are expecting.

MVP OPS develops minimal viable products to get you up and running quickly.  We provide the minimum working solution to solve your business work flow challenges of today and continue to iterate solutions for tomorrow.

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